12 Rounds of Christmas: Figueroa Jr. vs Burns – Round 11
Dec 24 2015 12:00 AM
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Two 140-pound bodies-no matter how well-conditioned-can only absorb so much abuse before sending a no mas signal to the brain.

So it only makes sense that Omar Figueroa Jr. and Ricky Burns displayed clear signs of fatigue at the start of the 11th round of their all-out, 12-round brawl on May 9 in Hidalgo, Texas.

Of course, what takes world-class athletes to heights mere mortals can't possibly comprehend is the ability to push the mind and body past its perceived limits.

That`s what Figueroa and Burns did in a Round 11 that, understandably, features a lot of clenching (mostly by Burns) but also more hard-hitting punishment than two exhausted humans should be able to deliver.

Even before Burns lost a point right before the bell for excessive holding, Figueroa had the clear edge in the round, helping him to win a unanimous decision.

But even as he took the worst of it in the 11th–including three consecutive vicious right uppercuts near round's end–Burns punished Figueroa by connecting with some power shots of his own.

Bottom line: It's not often that boxers still have enough gas in the tank to fire on all cylinders by the time the 11th round rolls around.

Figueroa and Burns–who combined to throw nearly 1,700 punches in all, including 1,442 power shots–proved the rare exception.

In the spirit of the season, Premier Boxing Champions is gifting fight fans with video clips from 12 of the year's most exciting rounds, all from bouts staged under the PBC banner.

Presented in chronological order from Round 1 through Round 12, the series debuted December 14 and continues daily through December 25.

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