12 Rounds of Christmas: Khan vs Algieri – Round 8
Dec 22 2015 12:00 AM
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Round 8 showcases Amir Khan and Chris Algieri from their 147-pound battle on May 29 in Brooklyn, New York.

First, a spoiler alert: Neither Khan nor Algieri hit the deck in this round.

Actually, with the exception of one crisp power shot that Algieri landed flush to Khan's jaw early on, neither fighter was genuinely hurt.

Rather, what Khan and Algieri prove over the course of three minutes is that you can have a beautiful round of boxing without a bevy of head-swiveling, knee-buckling punches.

Purists will enjoy this round for Khan taking that early punch, keeping his composure and launching an assault of his own to Algieri's head and body; for Algieri sticking Khan with a stinging jab and later pressuring him against the ropes; and for both fighters exchanging blows from a variety of different angles and ring positions in an exciting final two minutes.

Really, the eighth round of Khan-Algieri was symbolic of the entire 12-round clash, in which both guys walked into the ring determined to put on an entertaining show.

Simply put, they came prepared to hit and get hit.

So while Khan got the victory by unanimous decision, the real winners were boxing fans whose wish for toe-to-toe action too often goes ignored.

It didn't in this round, or this fight.

In the spirit of the season, Premier Boxing Champions is gifting fight fans with video clips from 12 of the year's most exciting rounds, all from bouts staged under the PBC banner.

Presented in chronological order from Round 1 through Round 12, the series debuted December 14 and continues daily through Friday.

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