12 Rounds of Christmas: Kono vs Kameda – Round 9
Dec 23 2015 12:00 AM
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Round 9 features a pair of 115-pound Japanese dynamos in Kohei Kono and Koki Kameda, who laid waste to the notion that smaller fighters can't throw bombs like the big boys.

Kono and Kameda actually pummeled each other for 12 entertaining rounds in their title fight on October 16, but the ninth was particularly loaded with action and drama.

Kameda gets credit for the best punch of the round, a left hook about a minute in that landed flush on the chin and sent Kono backward.

However, Kameda was unable to capitalize on the big shot, and after Kono regained his senses, the two-way assault resumed, with both fighters tagging each other with multiple power shots.

All the while, the countrymen ditched any semblance of defense-a theme that carried through all 12 rounds.

Hooks, crosses, uppercuts, all thrown to the head and body with reckless abandon-Round 9 of Kono vs Kameda proved once and for all that, in the fight game, power comes in all sizes.

In the spirit of the season, Premier Boxing Champions is gifting fight fans with video clips from 12 of the year's most exciting rounds, all from bouts staged under the PBC banner.

Presented in chronological order from Round 1 through Round 12, the series debuted December 14 and continues daily through Friday.

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