12 Rounds of Christmas: Quillin vs Lee – Round 3
Dec 21 2015 12:00 AM
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Brooklyn, New York, is the site for Round 3, which showcased Andy Lee and Peter Quillin at their heavy-hitting best during their 160-pound clash on April 11.

With both fighters having seemingly decided to leave their jabs in the locker room, Quillin and Lee loaded up on power shots, with some of the biggest bombs landing in the third.

Lee was the first to do damage, rocking Quillin with a hard left hook, but “Kid Chocolate” shook off the shot and quickly turned the tables, putting his southpaw opponent on his back with a straight right hand.

As the round wound down, the two continued to fire-and connect with-measured head shots.

The goal was obvious: Land the one big blow that would end the show.

It never happened, as the 12-rounder that featured three knockdowns (Quillin once, Lee twice) made it to the finish line.

In the end, one judge gave the nod to Quillin by a point, another preferred Lee by a point and a third had it dead even for a very fitting split draw.

In the spirit of the season, Premier Boxing Champions is gifting fight fans with video clips from 12 of the year's most exciting rounds, all from bouts staged under the PBC banner.

Presented in chronological order from Round 1 through Round 12, the series debuted December 14 and continues daily through December 25.

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