12 Rounds of Christmas: Wilder vs Duhaupas – Round 5
Dec 21 2015 12:00 AM
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Round 5 features heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder and challenger Johann Duhaupas-or, more accurately, Wilder's fists and Duhaupas' face.

In what essentially amounted to 11 rounds of target practice, Wilder hit the bull's-eye early and often against his French opponent on September 26, but his all-out assault in the fifth round was something to truly behold.

And not so much for the ferociousness of it as for the way in which Duhaupas barely blinked in the face of a savage attack.

Even as Wilder rocked Duhaupas with every punch in the playbook toward the latter stages of the round, Duhaupas never shifted into reverse.

Rather, he kept coming forward, throwing (and landing) some big bombs of his own.

When referee Jack Reiss mercifully put an end to the beating early in the 11th round, Duhaupas left the ring with a busted nose and his third professional loss.

But the fact he left on his own two feet spoke to his incredible toughness-toughness that was never more evident than in a violent fifth round.

In the spirit of the season, Premier Boxing Champions is gifting fight fans with video clips from 12 of the year's most exciting rounds, all from bouts staged under the PBC banner.

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