Abel Sanchez talks about Gennady Golovkin's win over Daniel Geale
Jul 27 2014 5:09 AM
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Gennady Golovkin's trainer, Abel Sanchez talks about his fighter's TKO win over Daniel Geale.

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brooklynrules says:

Im glad Abel mentioned GGG wasn't listening to him in the corner. THE SAME THING was evident in the Stevens fight. Abel said to GGG after round 4, “no free shots,” meaning “stay busy, jab, throw combinations”, but for the most part, GGG just stood in front of Stevens and beat him up, even while it was obvious GGG could have stayed on the outside more, which he did when putting Stevens down in Round 2.
In my “Idiot's Guide to Golovkin-Stevens: I chronicle this situation, as well as GGG's motivation to put a beating on Curtis.

dino da vinci says:

Globally, there are some deeply knowledgeable guys who have the ability to build champions. But if you were to keep narrowing your list, you would eventually end up with a handful of guys that receive tons of checkmarks. And if you write this fella Sanchez into your top slot, nobody could really argue with you.

flackoguapo says:

I agree. Shows how demanding he is as a coach and the relationship he has with the fighter. He isn't just a “yes man” on GGG's team