Adrien Broner says he respects Carlos Molina, but this is His time
May 02 2014 11:42 AM
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Former three division world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner will be fighting Carlos Molina for the vacant WBA International super lightweight title as part of the Mayweather vs. Maidana undercard. Broner had his last session with the press before the big day and here are some of his quotes:

“I'm coming to do damage. I'm punching with bad intentions and I'm back on my A-game.

“I'm thankful God slowed me down and showed me how to be humble. I know he can take it all away.

“I'm still that same flashy, hungry young man.

“I feel disrespected. I'm a main event fighter. You can put Adrien Broner anywhere. You put Carlos Molina in front of me, and I feel disrespected.”

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El Dude says:

Molina is no joke who comes to fight and he has all the boxing skills to take the fight to 12 but Broner needs a near KO win to assure his fans that he is the future of boxing and I do believe that Broner will pull it off in the 10th. I feel that Adrien Broner needs a new trainer who can teach him how to fight in the inside game because Adrien is not cut out for the shoulder roll technique. AB is a brawler who is being trained as a boxer which is a bad mix. AB constantly stays in the pocket and away from his corner's advice who constantly pressure him in fighting in the outside. A good move for A.B. would be to join forces with Timothy Bradley and Joel Diaz who are known for their brawling techniques. Regardless of the outcome, Broner vs Molina will be one kickass of a fight.
by El Dude.

deepwater2 says:

50-1 . Trimming that ugly beard is more of a threat. This is a present from big brother Floyd.

The Commish says:

Molina a threat to Broner? A threat?

I will be back here after the fight to tell El Dude he truly knows his stuff if Molina looks anything like a threat!

-Randy G.