Al Bernstein says Chris Algieri is the real deal, a fresh face and a test for Manny Pacquiao
Jul 20 2014 12:07 AM
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Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KO's) will be facing undefeated Chris Algieri (20-0, 8 KO's) on November 22 at the Venetian Casino & Resort in Macao, China for Pacquiao's WBO welterweight belt.

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Skibbz says:

I'm no bean counter either Al but the point is that Algieri was gifted a decision and now has been rewarded with a once in a lifetime opportunity. In all those clips in this video, there is one punch where he lands a good connection. The rest of the punches are thrown as half jabs with no conviction. They're just to get in the way of him and his opponent so he can escape. That's all he likes to do is escape. Run away like he's got the hounds after him.

When Pacquiao get's him for 36 minutes, it won't last that long anyway, he will be against someone who knows to use the ring, how to cut if off and has fast feet. Algieri will run for a round, realise the magnitude of his task and the calibre of his opponent and then, cross himself, put his ear muffs and hope it's quick.

Radam G says:

Wow! Al is getting mellow. He is one jiving fellow. Chris Algieri is LOST and tSR whupped his arse! And if C-Al had not been hurt early, C-Al would have been a brave-fighting soul and got KTFO. His getting damage early gave him survival courage, not fight courage. He survival-mode ran like a bytch. And the crooks of New York home crooked and cooked.

I could hear the WWE's Rock saying, “The Empire State is HOME COOOOKINGGG!” There will be no home cooking in Macau.

The more C-Al runs, the more he will WARM Da Manny's cat-teasing-a-mouse blood before the BIG coup de grace.

The C-Al is “Da Mouse.” And he is going to Da Manny's cathouse. We will treat C-Al as a honorable guest. But knocking his arse out, will be Da Manny's conquest. Da Mouse will be no contest. Da Manny will be at his best. C-Al has walked into a beehive and a hornets nest.

On the island of Macau, there is no home cooking to save C-Al. He's going take this million-and-half-dollar-arse beating. With Da Manny's fast-as-lightning fists, C-Al's mug, jug and torso-rug will have a meeting. And they are going to do a lot of eating. Hehehe! And when they get their fill, “ANNNNND STILLLLLLLLL…welterweight champeeeeeeoooon of da WORLD….” Holla!

The Commish says:

We are indeed gonna' have fun with this one!

-Randy G.

oubobcat says:

[QUOTE=The Commish;58751]We are indeed gonna' have fun with this one!

-Randy G.[/QUOTE]

This has already been a fun topic on these forums and we still have another four months until the fight. The fun has just begun.