Al Bernstein: “Vic Drakulich had a very bad day at the office”
Aug 03 2014 7:12 PM
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Al Bernstein was at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for the Brandon Rios vs. Diego Chaves fight, and gives us his opinion on what emerged that night with the disqualification of Diego Chaves.

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deepwater2 says:

That is very true. The best refs are the refs that people do not remember during the bout. Giving warnings and taking points is one thing but he should not of ended the match on a dq.

The Commish says:

I agree, totaslly, Al. It was indeed a very bad day at the office for Vic Drakulich on Saturday. He didn't seem in control of the fight from the get-go.

Throughout the contest, Rios was head-butting while Chaves was heeling with his gloves and thumbing. Those were just two of the infractions Vic just couldn't get a hold of.

At the end, I didn't undertstand the DQ. Yes, he heeled and he thumbed. But he had just been head-butted. Again.

Maybe a double DQ would have been the answer!

-Randy G.

Radam G says:

There was incidental head butting — not delivered, which is no different from Money May's incidental elbows. But Chaves was straight-up being disrespectful and cheating.

Apparent inattention blindness and greed to witness a good scrap, have turned a mob on ref Drak, who was not in the mood for taking bullcorn from either pugs or fans. Holla!

the Roast says:

I agree. Bad night for a good ref. I think Vic was quick to take the first points away from both of the fighters. He seemed to get a bit steamed at both of them, maybe let his emotions get in the way. After he took another point away from Chaves he kind of painted himself into a corner and had no other option but to DQ Chaves. It was a very rough fight, more taxing than a normal fight for the ref to handle.
I think the ref in the heavyweight fight last week got mad at Perez for not listening and was emotional in taking that fateful point away. On the bright side, if the fight last week had ended in a draw we the fans might have had to watch a rematch. No thanks.

oubobcat says:

I agree with Al that the referring in this fight left a lot to be desired.

There is no doubt Chaves was holding a lot. And there was rough stuff going on when he did so. But it also went both ways. Rios was using his head and it was deliberate. Rios was warned on several occasions on this tactic but no points were taken away.

Watching the fight, it seemed to me like Chaves got under Drakulich's skin very early. And Drakulich let his emotions get the best of him in this fight. As Roast pointed out, he was very quick to penalize Chaves and then back himself into a corner regarding a DQ. He would have been much better off warning each repeatedly early before taking points. Actually, kind of the way he handled Rios' head butts.