Al talks about a great book about female boxers
Jan 26 2011 10:30 PM
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Al talks about a great book about female boxers.

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Pete Egley Jr says:

“Boxing simulates life in a real way. We are forced to wear our hearts on our sleeves. There is no lying once you step into that ring.”
Elena “Baby Doll” Reid
Good to see Al talk about this book. I requested the book at my local library and they got a copy of it. Al describes the book correctly. It's a great photo book with excellent writing. I dig where Al is coming from often, and in general I admire similar qualities about female boxers that he does. Anyway, the Owen book is worth checking out. I'm glad I got my library to get a copy of it. Many of the established names of women's boxing that I'm aware of are in the book. I did notice that Ada Velez seemed to be absent. What I just expressed was my first experience with the book. I just checked it out from the library again because of this video with Al Bernstein. I'm very impressed with the book. It's seriously damn good. Beautiful photography. On the cover it says “A Look Inside Women's Boxing As Never Seen Before”. And for me this is quite true. I love history. I really enjoy boxing. This is a book you can have fun spending time with. For me nothing beats the printed page. I loved getting the boxing magazines that used to be on the stands as ya might know. Anyway, I'm far from being any great historian on boxing. The author of the book seems to have begun covering the sport of women's boxing at an ideal time, not unlike Sue Fox who is also in the book. This is a good reference book for those like me who aren't always able to keep up with what's going on in the sport. I want to conclude this with another quote that's kinda long but I like it a lot. I tried my best to get it correctly as written in Mary's book. It's also included in the chapter devoted to Elena Reid: “When I box I think of family, all my friends, and all those who have passed away and for all those who don't have the chance to live out their dreams. I want to bring a light of hope that has helped me in so many ways. It's about doing things we never thought we could and proving just how amazing people and life can be.”
Sure, it's not [I]exactly[/I] Razor Ruddock swinging a hook-uppercut at Mike Tyson, but then it is, too.
Hey, Roast, how's it goin'?

Nunu says:

That interview confirmed a lot of questions.

Larry Hama, multiple continuities, Movie continuity & reprints of the Marvel issues.

It seems to me that with exception of the poll at IDW which has to be mostly Transformers fans first, then Joe fans continuing the continuity is what us fans want.

There seems really no reason to do a complete rebootthe movie comic is handling that, I like the re-imagining or similar to what they did with AE, a one year later kind of thing.

Anyway, good to know htat another GI Joe fan from his youth is in charge of editing.

That was the great thing about Mike OSullivan editing GI Joe he was a very hard core very knowledgable Joe fan. Hope this new editor goes to GI Joe class before starting.

manfred2781 says:

I'm also new to the site, glad to see there's a boxing channel forum, I didn't know