An enjoyable chat with Former World Champion Ricardo “Finito” Lopez
Aug 10 2014 12:19 AM
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Ricardo “Finito” Lopez is regarded as one of the best Mexican fighters. As a professional, he defended the WBC Minimumweight Championship a record 21 times.

He also won the WBA and WBO Championships in the same weight class. López later won the IBF Light Flyweight Championship and defended it twice before retiring.

He was the third champion in history to retire undefeated His final record was 51 wins (38 knockouts), 0 losses and 1 draw.

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Radam G says:

Finito was DA MAN back in da day! He was one bad mofu! Holla!

oubobcat says:

Finito was certainly the man. He was as close to the definition of a perfect fighter as I have ever seen. I often argued in the 90's that he was the best pound for pound fighter in the world ahead of the likes of Pernell Whitaker, Oscar de la Hoya and Roy Jones Jr.

Finito rarely got hit. Actually he only got hit if he determined his opponent had nothing and he wanted to end things quicker than usual. His technique was almost impeccable. And we talk about Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez being great counter punchers. Well watch Finito in his prime. There was nobody I ever saw better at countering. He was a master at making opponents miss and being at the range range and angle to then make them pay. And talk about timing, everything was timed to perfection.

He does not get the credit for how great a fighter he was because of the weight class he fought. In my opinion though, he was the best fighter of the 90's.

flackoguapo says:

Hard to mimic a fighter like this. His technique, wits, and 3rd eye type senses makes him a special fighter IMO. I've read in a couple $$Mays older interviews, that Finito Lopez was his favorite fighter. He had an inate ability of not using too much energy but yet still being slippery and out of range while getting off the punches that made the most sense for that moment. And he did it over and over. He was clinical and precise. Has to be one of the better nicknames too! Something that is “fino” or in this case “Finito” since he is a smaller guy,roughly translates to fine, pure, sharp, acute. Finito Lopez was the real deal through and through.