Angel Garcia says “Destroy and Conquer” is the game plan for Danny against Rod Salka
Aug 02 2014 1:09 PM
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Danny Garcia's father and trainer, Angel Garcia talks about his son's next fight against Rod Salka,and says he will look much better in this fight than he did in his last fight against Mauricio Herrera.

Garcia vs. Salka happens August 9, 2014 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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Radam G says:

The Whacky-tacky Pops Angel oughta ' quit. All he does is spit the S word that rhymes fit. Holla!

oubobcat says:

Angel better be working with Danny on cutting the ring off. As a matter of fact, they should bring marathon runners into camp and solely work on Danny cutting the ring off against them. Salka is a borderline runner in the ring and the better the opponent the more he uses his legs. If Danny is unable to cut the ring off effectively, this could get really ugly.

brownsugar says:

Woods got game…lol..
Pops Garcia loves to preach from the pulpit of a working microphone.
He said a lot but really didn't say any thing.
Pops isn't revealing any trade secrets but he loves to ” school ” the listener with unrelated superfluous information about boxing.
Pops Garcia is like Columbo from the ancient TV show.
He's not as dumb as he seems and only reveals what he wants you to know.
A master of misdirection.
I never watch tapes he said… Bolony …Pops has probably been all over You tube.

Marvin Hagler used to say “destruct and destroy” when asked what his plan was….giving a pseudo technical sound to his intentions which lent him an aura of being an engine of destruction like Voltron or one of those old Japanese Mecha cartoons.

The phrase “destroy and conquer” doesn't have quite the same menacing tone but hopefully Danny can turn this fight into an entertaining KO highlight reel.