Second anniversary of Dr. Gilberto Mendoza’s passing
Mar 12 2018 3:47 AM

Second anniversary of Dr. Gilberto Mendoza’s passing – This Sunday, March 11, is two years since the passing of Dr. Gilberto Mendoza, President Emeritus of the World Boxing Association (WBA), who devoted his entire life to Boxing and, above all, to protecting the athletes.

Mendoza was in charge of the WBA from 1982 to 2015, year in which he resigned for health reasons. However, his legacy is always present. During his years at the WBA, even before presiding over the organization, our President Emeritus made great changes in boxing such as: The first and only Norms and Procedures for Ratings, which still rules the activity in the sport, and the Supervisor Manual. In addition, he gave life to the KO Drugs Festival, which not only helps raise awareness and prevents young people from taking the wrong path, but has also given great world champions and opportunities to new boxers.

However, the biggest fight that this great sports leader undertook was for the boxers. He always defended the athletes, he demanded the best compensation and the fairest treatment for them because they are the protagonists of this sport. That is why, within the WBA, the premise of benefiting the boxer is still present.

Mendoza also participated in the fight against Apartheid, which led him to visit South Africa and Mandela’s hometown, with whom he would meet some time later. In addition, he belonged to the scouts, an institution in which he had a high level of diligence in Latin America.

Therefore, we remember and celebrate the life of Gilberto Mendoza, a man who gave his body and soul in everything he did.

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