Antonio Margarito and his “Comeback” ? Who Makes The Call?
Nov 11 2015 2:02 PM
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The last few months have been filled with talk that Mexican star Antonio Margarito is ready to make a comeback.

We last saw Margarito in December of 2011, when he lost to Miguel Cotto.

Prior to that he was given a serious beating by Manny Pacquiao and he has been away from the sport because of an injury to the orbital bone around his eye.

This past week, Margarito was in the news saying that he would have fought in December, but he couldn't come to an agreement with promoter Top Rank.

Bob Arum seemed to confirm the negotiations, stating that Margarito wanted “too much money”.

Margarito stated he would begin negotiations with other promotional companies for 2016.

The last 24 hours have seen Margarito get a lot of press with his “Cotto hits like a girl” comments, and in general terms a third match between the two would be a big-seller.

But the current state of boxing and the boxing media is such that Miguel Cotto's comments on the matter got next to no press at all and are almost forgotten.

Cotto strongly feels that Margarito had not really answered for the serious allegations of using loaded gloves.

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