Antonio Tarver takes on a new role in boxing as promoter
Mar 17 2014 6:24 PM
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Former Five Time World Champion, Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver, is going into a new role in boxing as a boxing promoter, his first event will be on Fathers day this 2014.  Getting his son's first fight under his watch is one of his objectives.

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Radam G says:

Wow! Antonio is still mouthy. He ain't gonna do SPIT! He oughta quit. And his son should not even start. Holla!

The Shadow says:

Lol RG, you're right. At his best, what did you think of Tarver? He never really impressed me. He does seem a bit humbled here. Though, he's talking a little delusional with the heavyweight champion mumbo jumbo.

Hey Mike, do you want The Shadow to do some video interviews? Just hide my face. I'll go get Solis. Rigondeaux. Gamboa. Sergio Martinez. Once reported on football in Europe for local tv. Was camera shy then. Now I'm overflowing with charisma. Might get distracted from the interviewee if you're not careful!!

Radam G says:

Tarver was a great amateur. A better than fair pro. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

Just hide your face?

What are ya, a mutant?

amayseng says:

I like Tarver, I met him before, ran into him at a mall in Tampa. Just said what up and I appreciated his craft, didn't wanna bother him and all and he pulled me aside and we had a good convo. He is a cool cat.

I root for him.

Radam G says:

Hehehe! A mutant! Hiding in plain sight! Holla!