Barry Hunter and Mike Stafford talk about Lamont Peterson's performance against Edgar Santana
Aug 10 2014 12:19 AM
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Barry Hunter and Mike Stafford, Lamont Peterson trainers discuss Peterson's preparation and work inside the ring that brought him to successfully take care of business, defeating Edgar Santana via TKO in Round 10.

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Radam G says:

Wow! Too much of a positive spend for fighting a human punching bag. Holla!

amayseng says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;61004]Wow! Too much of a positive spend for fighting a human punching bag. Holla![/QUOTE]

Agreed, looking back LP looked great with all his offensive and defensive tools, but hey he was comfortable in there without an ounce of vulnerability, Santana was pushing his shots and had nothing on them.

LP merely dazzled on a walking heavy bag.

LP vs DG is a toss up in my opinion. LP may out work him to a UD.

oubobcat says:

Yeah Santana was never a threat and Peterson realized that from the opening bell. Of course he was able to do whatever he wanted when there was no threat at all from his opponent.

I think one thing though this fight did show was Peterson's lack of punching power. He hit Santana, who had been ko'd before, flush time and time again. Santana was as is being described a human punching bag and just kept absorbing and absorbing while rarely until the end showing signs of being hurt. He probably would have gone the distance as well had his corner not thrown in the towel (which frankly they should have done a round or two earlier).

Personally, I believe Danny Garcia would have his way with Peterson. Garcia has excellent footwork and has excellent boxing skills. I see him working behind a jab and using that footwork to set up his combinations. I also think he will walk through Peterson's punches and begin at times to even walk him down. If the fight were made today, I would predict a late round TKO for Garcia.