Berto vs Karass – Full Pre-Fight Analysis and Keys to Victory by Al Bernstein
Jul 20 2013 4:00 AM
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Two Time Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto and tough Mexican fighter Jesus Soto Karass will face each other in  “Knockout Kings II,” Berto vs Karass is main event for the vacant NABF Welterweight Championship that  takes place Saturday, July 27 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The event is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Leija & Battah Promotions, As a co-main event  Texas' undefeated rising star Omar Figueroa Jr. squares off against Tokyo's Nihito Arakawa for the vacant WBC Interim Lightweight World Championship in a fight promoted in association with Teiken Promotions.

Hi everybody Al Bernstein here with my preview of what I think should be a terrific welterweight encounter on July 27th in San Antonio Texas between former champ Andre Berto and the very tough and exciting veteran Jesus Soto Karras. Now there are bigger fights in the landscape of boxing, in previous months and coming up, but this is one I think that it´s a sleeper, it's not to be overlooked. Yes it's true, Berto and Soto Karass coming for this fight with some losses recently but they are fighters who desperately need to win and they are fighters who have a terrific style match-up and both are very exciting to watch.

For the 29-year-old Berto who comes in with a 28-2 record, yes he's lost 2 of his last three fights decision losses to very good fighters, Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz. He's only fought three times in the last two years, injury issues and contractual issues and a failed drug test have contributed to that. For Andre Berto this fight is absolutely necessary for redemption and necessary for him to stay in the mix as a contender in the welterweight division and a win here could very easily give him a major welterweight match.

For 30-year-old Jesus Soto Karass who has fought at both 154 and many times at 147 as a welterweight, he had a very tough loss to Marcos Maidana two fights ago but a fight in which he distinguished himself and at couple of moments had Maidana in genuine trouble, but he came back in his last fight and performed exceedingly well beating Selcuk Aydin who had been a top contender in the welterweight division and gave Robert Guerrero a very tough fight over 12 rounds that was an upset win for Soto Karass and that's what landed it this fight against Berto; yes he is 3-5-1 in his last eight fights you might look at that and say, well what's the fuss about? Why´s even in this fight, well if you've seen Soto Karass fight you know that he is a tough cookie and one of those losses was a terrible decision to Mike Jones, the Maidana fight was fantastic even though he ended up losing and he's a fighter you want to look in the ring.

Well that brings us to our keys to victory.

For Berto he's got to try and straighten out his punches when he throws wide punches that's when he gets himself in trouble and gets counter, he needs to keep those punches at straight as possible. The Jab is very important for him, in many fights he under uses this punch and it doesn't set up what is a very good straight right hand. He's got to stay off the ropes, against Guerrero this was especially a problem for Andre Berto and to some extent also against Ortiz when he gets on the ropes he tends to get better he's got to keep this fight in the center of the ring.

As for Soto Karass well he too needs of the jab but his case it's really important to establish it early, when he does that it sets the tone for him and it allows him to be a little bit more of a boxer puncher not just a brawler. He needs to get Berto against the ropes, if he could do that he has the ability to take that step back he's got a long reach and blast him to both the body and the head and for Soto Karass, and this really applies to Berto too, he's got to think defense oftentimes he just ignores defense gets himself into a sludgy mess as he did against Maidana and sometimes the results are not good for him.

So this fight is one that I'm really looking forward to and as I said maybe doesn't have the glitz and glamour of some the other fights that we've just seen or are going to see but it's very important for these two fighters, will have an impact, a big impact on the welterweight division now this fight will be shown in the United States on Showtime I´ll be privilege to be ringside to see that. I hope you all to tune in to see this match; I think it's going to be a good one.

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