Best of PBC 2015-Knockout Of The Year
Dec 24 2015 12:00 AM
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Choosing the top knockout of 2015 was akin to asking the mother of a brain surgeon, rocket scientist and fighter pilot to pick her smartest kid: There's no easy answer, and no wrong answer.

Prefer a stunningly swift fight-ending shot from a guy not known for his power? You had the lights-out overhand right from Gabriel Bracero–he of four knockouts in 25 previous fights–that put Danny O'Connor to sleep 41 seconds into their October 10 bout.

Partial to multiple-punch flurries that hit the bull's-eye in almost slow motion-like fashion? There was Krzysztof Glowacki's vicious combination that first drove Marco Huck into the corner, then nearly through the ropes on August 14.

Fancy a thunderbolt of a showstopper ripped from the script of a Rocky fight scene? Edwin Rodriguez at your service, his cannon-like right hand sending previously unbeaten knockout artist Michael “Cannonhandz” Seals stumbling across the ring, into the ropes and tumbling flat on his back.

These are just three of probably a dozen legitimate candidates for PBC Knockout of the Year. But after much debate, the editors of favored a late-year KO in which a 122-pound Dominican Republic native clocked a fellow countryman with a textbook punch that was at once breathtaking and frightening.

Vicente made it clear from the start that he was coming to fight, pressing the action and landing crisp power shots with both hands in a one-sided first round.

After a more competitive second round that included a one-point deduction for Dominguez for low blows, Vicente came out in the third and swiftly–and dramatically–ended the show.

Seconds into the round, Vicente feigned a left to the body, causing Dominguez to cover up, elbows tight to his rib cage, fists shielding his face–so much so that he didn't see “The Lightning” rear back and unload a lightning-quick overhand right, the punch landing with absolute precision to the left temple.

Upon contact, Dominguez's head snapped violently to his right. His legs went completely out from under him as his left arm swung wildly.

Then his body contorted, gravity took its toll and Dominguez collapsed, his right shoulder and side of his head simultaneously crashing to the canvas with a thud.

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