A Blast From The Past With Dub Huntley
Jun 21 2017 8:31 PM

A Blast From The Past With Dub Huntley – It is rare that the TBC studios receive a guest like Dub Huntley, but we recently hosted the former middleweight contender at our Costa Rica offices.

Huntley made his debut back in 1965 and his career spanned into the 1970’s. His “boxrec” record doesn’t even get his name right and is incomplete, but with opponents like Carlos Monzon, Johnny Pritchett, Luis Rodriguez and Soulemayne Diallo listed, it already reads like a who’s who. Huntley may be best remembered as one of the coaches on “The Contender” TV series back in 2005 and it is safe to say that Dub Huntley has spent his entire life around the sport of boxing.


A Blast From The Past With Dub Huntley

In this latest TBC report our own Miguel Iturrate sits with the great Dub Huntley to talk shop. Huntley is now in his 70’s but the man loves to talk “the sweet science.” Huntley flashes his winning smile throughout the interview as he recalls his fights in France, England and right at home in Los Angeles’ Olympic Auditorium.

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Dub Huntley