Bob Sheridan chats with Al Bernstein about his career as boxing broadcaster
Mar 25 2014 11:14 PM
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Boxing commentator, Colonel Bob Sheridan chats with Al Bernstein about his induction to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame,

“Sheridan is the international voice of boxing. He's the commentator for the foreign-rights feed on most major bouts held in the United States and also for many fights overseas that are transmitted by satellite to the US. He was at ringside when Muhammad Ali battled George Foreman in Zaire and Joe Frazier in Manila. He has called the fights of legends like Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Roberto Duran. He was behind the microphone when Mike Tyson bit off part of Evander Holyfield's ear. In large swaths of the world, his voice is synonymous with the sweet science.”*
By Thomas Hauser

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Radam G says:

Wow! “Da Colonel” has been broadcasting bouts longer than most of us have been alive. To me, his voice is one of the talking head boksing gods. And one of the first, I've ever heard. I can literally remember being in my baby Radam's crib, hearing “Da Colonel” getting down.

But I can't believe Da Colonel never picked up baby Radam. Maybe he had heard of “Little Pissy.” A nickname given to me by the great, late GTHOAT [Unckee] Howard Cosell. I guess for baby wetting on the laps of peeps in the boxing loop. Holla!

The Shadow says:

Yes, his voice is definitely immortalized. He's the signature call on the Rumble in the Jungle and also a young Mike Tyson's breakout performance in Dancing With The Berbick.

Lol what is GHOATH?

Radam G says:

You mean what is GTHOAT? It is “Greatest Talking Head Of All Times.” Maybe only Duffee [Maybe the wrong name or spelling.] was the only who maybe was better than Unckee Howie. Holla!

The Shadow says:

Got it! What was up with Cosell's posture, though?! I like how Kernel stands straight, distinguished with proper posture. I would salute that Kernel. Hehehe.

Radam G says:

GTHOAT Cosell had a bad back. That is why in later life he would prefer to sit and do interviews. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

We were at a hotel in England and I'm lying in bed and my wife was just walking back into the bedroom and saw me trying to get out of the bed at some crazy speed and she asks me 'are you ok?' And I know I must of looked pretty whacked out, but I was searching for a piece of paper and a writing instrument to record some unbelievably crazy comment your 'Colonel' had just spewed. People tell me he's a great guy, I'll leave it at that.