Boxing Results: James De La Rosa gets Unanimous Decision win over Alfredo Angulo
Sep 13 2014 9:37 PM
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James De La Rosa beats Alfredo Angulo via unanimous decision with scores of: 98-90 / 96-92 / 99-89

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The Commish says:

Now that Alfredo Angulo's days as a serious, title threat are over, will he try his hand at BKB?

He should!

-Randy G.

oubobcat says:

Angulo looked like an absolutely shot fighter through eight rounds. De La Rosa was consistently in the middle round holding his hands low and Angulo could see the openings but couldn't get his shots off. When he did, they had almost nothing behind them.

Then Russell Mora came to his corner to say he is close to stopping things and something went off in Angulo's head. He fought the last two rounds like the old Angulo and almost stopped De La Rosa.

Those last two rounds may have been the worse thing that could have happened to Angulo. It will encourage him I believe to move forward in boxing. He will probably get some real low level opponents whom he beat beat by breathing on and get a bigger fight either later in 2015 or early 2016.