Elvis Grant Phillips Talks Pacquiao vs Vargas
Nov 05 2016 7:52 PM

Elvis Grant Phillips Talks Pacquiao vs Vargas – Our TBC cameraman Marcelino Castillo caught up with boxing trainer and manager Elvis Grant Phillips to discuss tonight’s Manny Pacquiao versus Jessie Vargas fight for the WBO world welterweight title.

Grant showed a lot of confidence in going against the grain for this one as he expressed the opinion that Vargas has a “very good chance” to win. Check out the rest of what Grant had to say.


Elvis Grant Phillips Talks Pacquiao vs Vargas

Now into his 50’s Elvis Grant Phillips has been around Las Vegas boxing it seems like forever. In a piece written about Phillips back in 2005 it states “While still in his twenties he had trained two championship caliber fighters, Richard Sandoval and Juan ‘Kid’ Meza, and managed Luis Santana through his controversial junior middleweight title reign.”

Besides managing several world champions including Iran Barkley, Lonnie Smith, Paul Vaden and Leslie Stewart at various stages of their careers, he also founded a company called Grant, which manufactures boxing equipment and apparel. In 1998, Phillips sued Everlast for conducting a smear campaign against Grant in order to protect its market share of the business.”

Read the rest of the “Wunderkind Elvis Grant Phillips” by Robert Mladinich at The Sweet Science. (from the archives date June 3rd, 2005)

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