Odds Review – Cotto vs “Canelo” Hours Away
Nov 19 2015 5:56 PM
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The big Miguel Cotto vs Saul “Canelo” Alvarez bout is roughly 48 hours away, and though the public and even the experts appear to be torn down the middle picking a winner between the two, the sport books show “Canelo” favored in the bout, as he has been all along.

The line sees “Canelo” at (-325), up slightly from (-320) a week ago, while Cotto was at (+260) and is now paying (+265).

The over / under for this 12 round bout is set at 11 ½, with the over paying (-170) and the under returning (+150).

With the fight literally just hours away, the sport books have put up the usual wide variety of prop bets as well, so if you think you know how the fight will end or want to put a bet on what round the fight will end, that type of action has popped up at the books in the last two days.

Will any money come in on Cotto at the last minute, or will Alvarez remain a more than 3 to 1 favorite as we head into fight day?

The weigh-in is scheduled for 1PM Pacific Time on Friday November 20th, and that is likely to be the last time we see both men in public before they enter the ring.

Photo Credit: Will Hart

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