Bob Arum 2016 Personality of the Year
Dec 28 2016 5:17 PM

Bob Arum 2016 Personality of the Year – You would think 85 year old Top Rank chief Bob Arum would be starting to slow down, but 2016 stands as a testament to how far that is from the truth. Arum, who finished second in the “Promoter of the Year” category has been named the 2016 Personality of the Year, as the strong-willed octogenarian always does things in his inimitable way.

2016 was a landmark year for Arum, as he was celebrated for having been in the fight business for 50 years as well as for promoting his 2000th show.

Arum has long viewed boxing as a truly international sport and a great deal of the Top Rank roster comes from around the globe. Top Rank is at the forefront of advancing the sport in China, the world’s most populous country, and Arum managed China’s amateur phenom Ximing Zhou to the country’s first professional world title earlier this year.

Despite his years, Arum has taken great care to lay a lasting foundation for Top Rank. This year after the 2016 Rio Olympics, Arum announced that he had signed a slew of international amateur talent.

An example of his forward thinking is his signing earlier this year of blue chip prospect Gabriel Flores Jr. At a press conference announcing the signing, Arum chose to joke about why he is signing young fighters, answering “the younger we sign fighters the longer the guys in Top Rank feel they’ll have me around.” Do not let his quips fool you, this is a man with a plan.

Arum showed his strong will again later in the year when he proudly parted with HBO and went his own way for the successful Manny Pacquaio versus Jessie Vargas pay-per-view this past November 5th. By the 26th of November Arum shrewdly had Top Rank back on the cable giant promoting his latest phenom, Vasyl Lomachenko.

It takes a focused person to keep all those balls in the air, and to do it at 85 years old is even more remarkable. Through it all the Harvard lawyer in Arum shows through, but so does his charm and sense of humor. Bob isn’t even shy about checking out the ladies from time to time.

At 85 years old, Bob Arum is still going strong and he is tirelessly working to make sure Top Rank stays at the forefront of boxing’s international side. Through it all Bob Arum does it with aplomb, and for that Bob Arum is boxing’s 2016 Personality of the Year.


Bob Arum 2016 Personality of the Year

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Bob Arum 2016 Personality of the Year

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