Floyd Mayweather: “Adversity defines a champion”; “I don't need to make adjustments, I won”
Sep 03 2014 3:21 PM
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Eleven-time, five-division world champion and number one pound-for-pound fighter Floyd Mayweather had his media training yesterday (September 2, 2014) and he talks to Boxing Channel about his upcoming rematch against Marcos Maidana.

“MAYHEM: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2”, a 12-round world championship bout for Mayweather's WBA Welterweight Belt and WBC Welterweight and Super Welterweight World Titles takes place Saturday, Sept. 13 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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Radam G says:

Thanks be to Money May for saying that he had been cut over the eyes. And the talking heads were wrong for saying that the “first cut ever” was with Chino. Oftentimes, the talking heads just be making up jive on the fly.

Shame on them. They ought to get some fact checkers.

Mad kudos to Money May for indirectly confirming that in “All Access” he was eating an organic, tailor-made-for-him “Big Mac.”

In exchange for that subtle commercial on All Access, I bet Money Man's chef hooked him with an organic, healthy “Big Mac” meal up.

As I've said, fighters can get special organic and healthy-made food hookups with any fast food joint.

Optical illusions and tricks of the trade are everywhere. Holla!