TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 14, 1911
Jan 18 2018 9:49 PM

TBC History – The Illustrated Record Jan 14, 1911 – This week’s look back in history is a case of “the more things change, the more things stay the same.” Money as always, appears to be key and on everyone’s mind. Imagine that. We are looking at The Illustrated Record dated January 14 1911 for a window into what was happening around the boxing world more than 100 years ago.

As well as the usual coverage of the fights, heavyweight champion Jack Johnson was in top form. He had defeated “Great White Hope” Jim Jeffries in July of 1910 and he was all about the money in the press.

And Johnson was lambasted for it. Quoting from a column titled “Star Boxers Dodge Winner Take All Clause” Johnson’s declaration is labeled “another illustration of the unsportsmanlike policy adopted by numerous star pugilists.” The writer sites the precedent set by former heavyweight champion Bob Fitzsimmons and accuses that era’s boxers of being greedy.


Other items of note in TIR of Jan 14, 1911:

– “Porky” Flynn, who was in the news the week prior for his controversial fight with “Twin” Sullivan, fought Sandy Ferguson to a draw over 12 rounds.
– Jack Johnson and a former manager named as George W. Little were in court over the ownership of a diamond ring. The whereabouts of the ring were unknown as the case was being heard.
– Lightweight champion Ad Wolgast was negotiating for a fight with tough Owen Moran, asking for $12,500 as a minimum. On another page, England’s Freddie Welsh was issuing challenges to Wolgast as well. He would eventually meet both men.
– Battling Nelson, who lost the lightweight title to Ad Wolgast, was also vying for a rematch in the hopes of gaining a world title shot.
– Offers to receive frameable photographs from the July of 1910 Johnson vs Jeffries match-up run on several pages.


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The Illustrated Record Jan 14 1911


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