Broner vs. Taylor – 2014 Fight of the Year Candidate
Dec 18 2014 12:00 AM
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SHOWTIME Fight of the Year Candidate – At the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 6, 2014: Adrien Broner returned to his hometown to take down Emmanuel Taylor via unanimous decision following a last minute knockdown.

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oubobcat says:

Broner-Taylor was a solid professional fight. But not fight of the year by any stretch and should not really be given consideration.

The fight I would vote for fight of the year is Cunningham-Mansour. This was a slugfest at times and had plenty of edd and flow. And had a great comeback from Cunningham who was out on his feet at one point after being knocked down twice but came back and scored a big knock down of his own in a dramatic 10th round to help him secure the fight on the cards.

2nd on my list is Juan Manuel Lopez-Daniel Ponce De Leon. It was a dramatic 2nd round in which Ponce had Juan Ma down and almost out but Juan Ma rallied in that round to land a big punch that led to a stoppage victory for him.

3rd is Matthysse-Molina, great action back and forth in this fight. It also had ebb and flow as Matthysse had to come off the deck multiple times to rally to score a KO of his own late.

Pazuzu says:

[QUOTE=oubobcat;72676]Broner-Taylor was a solid professional fight. But not fight of the year by any stretch and should not really be given consideration. [/QUOTE]

Well, it's Showtime's Fight of the Year candidate, so I'm guessing it's little more than a marketing move to give a little cred to The Problem as they head into the new year. I agree with your assessment, however: decent fight, but not even close to FOTY. I haven't seen it on any other list.

Matthysse-Molina first jumps to mind as my top 2014 FOTY, just in terms of a jaw-dropping, slobberknocker of a fight with enough heart, guts and relentless banging to bring to mind the old Ward-Gatti fights.

My second choice would be Kovalev-Hopkins. Not because it was competitive (it wasn't – at all), but because NOBODY expected Kovalev to come out and have such a dominant performance against Hopkins, the future hall of famer, who, at age 49, could still be argued to be at the top of his game. Kovalev's performance on November 8 was one of the most impressive I saw not only in 2014, but in several years. The fight will be remembered as a career-defining night for both men. It also completely changed the landscape of the light heavyweight definition, and instantly transformed The Krusher from an unproven Russian with heavy hands into a serious P4P fighter with power, technique, and a dangerous, dangerous boxing mind.

Radam G says:

Wow! Nothing was special about that fight. Holla!

Skibbz says:

nothing at all RG. Paz hit the nail on the head, if Broner was fighting only 20 years ago he would be a journeyman at best.

The Commish says:

The Broner-Taylor fight doesn't even make my list.

A “Fight of the Year” candidate should be an action-packed, two-sided contest, not a one-sided bout as was Broner-Taylor, with the outcome never in doubt.

The were plenty of solid bouts in 2014 which can be mentioned as a candidate for “FIght of the Year.”

Broner-Taylor is not one of them.

-Randy G.

the Roast says:

I don't even remember this fight.