Bryan Vera says BKB Boxing fits his sytle, he will be facing Gabriel Rosado on August 16
Aug 05 2014 10:10 PM
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Bryan Vera takes on Gabe Rosado on August 16 in BKB Boxing. Vera tells  Kelsey McCarson that BKB boxing fits his style. The middleweight contender also hopes for a fight against Peter Quillin in the near future.

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flackoguapo says:

I'm intrigued to watch this but not on ppv. Idk if hear slur in Vera's words behind that country twang, maybe I'm trippin'. He did eat too many heavy shots against Chavez JR but he seems to be a dedicated athlete and I expect him to be in his always great shape. Vera will probably be confident coming in as the physically bigger guy this time around. I have heard Rosado say different things regarding his weight in interviews, 154? 160? Said he filled into a 60 after the Golovkin fight but then went to 54' to get out-boxed by Jermall Charlo(Vera's stablemate)Rosado does do some thinking in the ring he just isn't fluid enough as a boxer to keep guys off him IMO. He needs to fight a more pressure type fight to be successful because every time I see him try to box a guy he gets caught and doesn't give himself enough chances to make it close. This will have 7 (2 minute) rounds and in a much smaller space so someone can get caught cold. But if GGG couldn't put down Rosado, I doubt Vera will be able to in 10oz as well. And Vera took the best “hit” Mr-420-friendly Chavez could dish out. Might be a brawl for 14 minutes….