Can Algieri's Sparring Partners Mimic Pacquiao?
Nov 09 2014 12:00 AM
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Chris Algieri may be ensconced at the elegant Venetian Las Vegas, but he's been sharpening his skills & sparring with tough opponents in preparation for Manny Pacquiao. With host Crystina Poncher.

The Pacquiao-Algieri World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title fight happens Nov. 22 at the Venetian Macao live on HBO Pay-Per-View.

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deepwater2 says:

He would better off chasing chickens in the parking lot.

Radam G says:

[QUOTE=deepwater2;68911]He would better off chasing chickens in the parking lot.[/QUOTE]

Ditto! Holla!

The Commish says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;68914]Ditto! Holla![/QUOTE]

At first, after feeling like a “Kentucky Fried Idiot,” Rocky caught those chickens.

Less than two weeks, guys. Less than two weeks.

I don't make a habit of going to the BWAA yearly dinners. I will definitely go to the next one, as Chris Algieri accepts the award for being the “Fighter of the Year” in 2014.

Victories over Emanuel Taylor, Ruslan Provodnikov and the upcoming victory over Manny Pacquiao will make him a unanimous choice for the award.

-Randy G.

thegreyman says:

Yes they can mimic him.

[U]I[/U] can mimic him…

Can they replicate the challenges posed by an 8 division world champ, future HoF'er and all time great?

No chance.

thegreyman says:


This girl wants to get a stabbin' from some weak arse Algieri jabbin'!

The Good Doctor says:

Easy answer is no. He can finds someone to replicate the speed, but they probably won't have the power or angles. He maybe can get someone to replicate the angles, but no way will he find someone with the footwork or swarming style. He would need 12 different guys to get all the things he may have to face.

Radam G says:

The best thing for C-Al to do in getting ready for this Pacbeatdown, is to go and find a large beehive and air punch it, as he is going to be doing Da Manny. And then, all at once, hug and mug the beehive and kiss his arse GOODBYE!

Da Manny and tSR have tapped team. So if you think that tSR messed C-Al's right headlight, you ain't seen nothing yet on how C-Al's left headlight is going to be “PUCKed UP,” in the vernacular of my 114-year-old Tio Mamoy.

And that motor mouth of C-Al is going to get swollen shut.

I think hanging out with Sylvester Stallone has jived up C-Al's brain chemicals. Dude is acting as if he is coming to Macau to shoot a millennium Rocky Movie or something. Somebody need to holla at that dude. He coming here to get his arse whipped in a real-life episode. Holla!

Skibbz says:

Sure you can find an imitation. A donkey has four legs, can trot and neigh if you want it to but at the end of the day it's not a champion thoroughbred. They're going about this the wrong way, they don't know what it takes to fight at his level. His trainers aren't prepared, the fighter isn't prepared and they're all way in over their heads.

My only advice to Chris would be to enjoy the lights whilst they're still shining on him because soon he's going to be in nursing school, back in his parent's basement with nothing but the memories to look back on.