Carl Froch is considering retirement if he doesn't get fight with Chavez Jr. by mid 2015
Dec 19 2014 8:47 AM
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Al Bernstein talks about Carl Froch's statements where he has mentioned if the fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. doesn't happen by mid 2015 he will retire.

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deepwater2 says:


He better talk with Arum and set it up if he wants it bad enough. tsAH should advise himself to step back.

Froch has had one hell of a career.

oubobcat says:

Froch is not going to retire if he does not get Chavez. I think he his frustrated right now because he knows that is a big fight that would sell out the MGM in Vegas and give him a substantial paycheck in a major PPV fight in the US he can win. He wants a big PPV fight in the US that would pay him substantially and also one he can realistically win. And Chavez is both marketable and beatable.

That said, if Chavez does not come to terms Froch will fight again in the UK against James DeGale. He is using the retirement talk to drive up his price tag for that fight should the Chavez fight not happen. If I don't get that fight, I retire he says. Then the promoters find a few more bucks for him to fight DeGale and he changes course suddenly to take on that challenge. I am not knocking him and if I were him would be doing the exact same thing. But he's not retiring if he does not get Chavez.

Skibbz says:

He will retire, he's comfortable and not many fighters are fortunate enough to be in the position he is in right now. If there's no chavez then Froch will still laugh all the way home. He's had a HOF career.

The Good Doctor says:

I think Froch is speaking in a little bit of code here. I believe what Froch is truly saying is if I don't get someone in front of me who I have pretty good chance of beating while being accompanied by a nice check, then I'll retire. Chavez happens to fit that bill. If he could somehow get Stevenson in the UK then he might be able to pull this off but I think that is highly unlikely.