Carl Moretti: “Pacquiao vs. Algieri is a very intriguing fight”
Nov 19 2014 10:34 PM
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VP of Top Rank Operations, Carl Moretti, talks about the Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri fight this weekend, Saturday, November 22 at The Venetian, Macao, China.

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The Commish says:

Carl is a longtime boxing guy who knows his stuff. I worked with him years ago when we both were employees of the Madison Square Garden Boxing Department.

Naturally, his heart is with Pacquiao, whom the company he works for–Top Rank–promotes. Yet, as a boxing guy, he sees thePacquiao-Algieri fight as a very interesting bout.

“You know what I think of Pacquiao,” Moretti said to me a few months ago. “He is an all-time great. But styles make fights, just the way styles came into play in the Sandy Saddler-Willie Pep wars. Chris Algieri may just present problems for Manny if he sticks to his gameplan.”

“What if Pacquiao walks through Algieri?” I asked him.

“Then it's time to face Mayweather. ENough games. The fight has to be made!”

That's what I wanted to hear.


-Randy G.