Chi-Town Boxing Talks “Who is #1 Pound for Pound Right Now?”
Oct 26 2015 4:42 PM
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Here at The Boxing Channel, we sent our cameras out onto the streets of Chicago with the loose “instructions” to find and talk to boxing people.

Chicago is a city with a rich history of boxing, but what were we going to find going on out there right now?

The Chicago area has one of the most extensive amateur programs in the country, and the sweet science is alive and well in gyms and neighborhood boxing clubs that are out there.

We ran into a “Chicago-Dublin” competition with amateur squads representing places like Dublin's Esker Boxing Club and Chicago's Scottsdale Park just to name a few.

From coaches, to amateur boxers to former amateur champions, to referees, The Boxing Channel ran the full gamut.

There were competitors old and young, including former contenders and former world champions.

We even met the husband of Muhammad Ali's daughter!

And boxing people are always good for an opinion. So we asked some of our new friends “Who is #1 pound for pound now that Floyd Mayweather is retired?”

The variety of answers might surprise you… Check out this exclusive Boxing Channel video

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