Chris Arreola: “I could have kept going but the referee was saving me from myself”
May 11 2014 2:47 AM
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Chris Arreola gave credit to Bermane Stiverne and showed sportsmanship after his defeat in a 6 round TKO this Saturday, May 10 in the Heavyweight Championship fight aired in ESPN.

Chris Arreola, was leading on two of the scorecards 48-47 at the time of the stoppage, while the third judge had Bermane Stiverne ahead by the same margin.

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El Dude says:

Bermane was swinging, stinging and took the fight away from Chris Arreola in the 6th round with an explosion of an assault. The bombs kept launching and the devastation kept landing. Chris seem to have had the fight under control with Bermane on the run but Be Ware of the Bermane guns. During the 6th both camps seemed to be restocking but Bermane was actually stalking. Bermane mid through the 6 launched his assault scoring 2 Knock-Downs followed with a nuclear KO assault that left Arreola to a crisp while the ref called it quits with a Tech.-KO.
By El Dude with the BIG 213 and I aint even from LA but I am in it to win it with my +#s of Boxing Commentaries.

oubobcat says:

That was a good stoppage by the referee. I actually thought he could have stopped the fight after the 2nd knockdown but showed a willingness to give Arreola once more chance with how big a fight this was. Arreola has zero quit in him and has shown that time and time again.

brownsugar says:

Easy to say that you could have continued after the fight. Areola put on a good show in the first few rounds, but it was Stiverne who was catching him with several sharp counters per round, and by the fourth round the still “Jiggly” built Areola spend his ammunition gunning for the KO, (and after much bombastic hyperbole from Mr Theodore Atlas) Stiverne took over in the fifth. Areola lost complete control of his equilibrium after getting tagged and had the balance of a man who injested twice the achohol limit of being legally drunk……Areola was a sitting duck for the powerful punches of a fighter that had been saving it up for the right moment. Listening to the broadcast, if you weren't paying close attention you would have thought Areola was on the verge of a knockout. “He's cursed” cried Atlas, “he shouldnt have hurt him in the first round” Atlas implored. when in reality Stiverne was slowly draining Areola's resolve with sharp counters to the body and an educated jab. Areola made a statement after the fight regarding limiting his consumption of beer…. but it's way too late in the day to start making last minute declarations. …after the fact. Areola can still fight and will make a good litmus test for fighters wanting to break into the top 20.

Radam G says:

Nonsense in speculating, when you are constantly eliminating.

Maybe, just maybe, Cris could after-fight bytch, if he would had done one of the most important and effective parts of the game. And that is CLINCHING — a defensive weapon and an offensive one. Probably the biggest psychological one in da game.

You throw an opponent off when you clinch just because you can. You can mess up his timing and his balance by clinching.

You can change his behavior from passionately fighting to emotionally fighting by clinching. And control his arse.

Oh, YUP! Clinching straight-up can jive up a pug's brain chemicals. When you can control what punches a fighter can or might throw because of your clinching, YOU RULE him, the ring and the referee. Just holla at Money May. And go back and holla at Sugar Ray — Robinson and/or Leonard.

And last, but not least. Holla at Joe Louis-Max Schmeling. Team Brown Bomber corrected getting tagged with that right-handed missile by sneaking clinching and two stepping.

And if you cannot catch their great control with clinching, go holla at the GOAT Ali, Lennox Lewis, Rocky Marciano and Jack Dempsey. [TSS's own Boxing Forensic Pug Analyst L-Wy not too long ago post a segment of how Sugar Ray Robinson knocked Rocky Graziano da double fudge after a stealth clinch.]

We are dealing with the sweet science — a combo of many sciences. So trainers ought to get back to teaching every science. And what havoc that science can and may cause. CLINCHING can and will wreak havoc in the brainwaves of a freelance puncher.

I guarantee you that Doc Wlad K and/or Deontay Wilder are going to be clinching B'Ware. And not give an ant's @$$ if he and his corner swear.

They will use that clinch, and use that clinch, and that clinch. And with it, B'Ware's fight game they might lynch. Holla!

The Commish says:

Excellent job by ref Jack Reiss. He gave Arreola every opportunity to show that he could continue (“Take a step to me”). Arreola could barely stand after that second knockdown, but still had fight in him. Reiss let it go on, but was in there quickly before Arreola got nailed with any more laser rights.

He'll be back, but his contending days are over.

-Randy G.