Chris Arreola: ” I'm going to make sure Stiverne is in a 36 minute war, I'm going to destroy him”
May 07 2014 11:20 PM
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Chris Arreola is ready to face Bermane Stiverne fo a second time, this time for the WBC World Heavyweight Title which was previously held by longtime champion Vitali Klitschko who stepped away from boxing officially in December 2013.

“FIGHT FOR PEACE” from the USC Galen Center in Downtown Los Angeles will be exclusively televised Live on Saturday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ESPN and ESPN Deportes and
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Radam G says:

I've said enough. I'm tried of talking. Into an arse thrashing, B-Ware is walking. His arse, The Cali Crusher Chris is gonna be stalking. B-Ware has done too much gawking. Now it is time to STFU and FIGHT! He's gonna be in deep Kimchee on that night. Holla!

El Dude says:

Like Snake Plissken once said, “Escape From LA”. The only ones to escape from this war are the fans who are going to get their money'$ worth. It is “The Revenge of The Clashing Titans”, Chris Arreola vs his # 1 Foe Stiverne. You can hear the call for war, its right around the corner of ESPN and the Galen Center 10pm time, don't go draft dodging, be there or be ware. He who laughs last, laughs the loudest is what some say but in this case its he who hits harder wins the war. El Dude saluting both Generals.
El Dude is ready.

The Commish says:

I'm glad I have no rooting interest in this fight, other than the fact it will change the face of the heavyweight division. I can't wait for that opening bell to ring!

-Randy G.

oubobcat says:

Arreola is determined, that is for sure. I think we see a very good heavyweight fight on Saturday but ultimately I see Arreola coming up short.

I really believe, and I never ever thought I would say this about Arreola, that he over-trained for this fight. He left his best in the gym. He is determined and wants this bad but I think has over done it in camp.

In addition, breaking down the tape of their first fight you see Stiverne really take control in round 3 before landing that massive right hand that busted Arreola's nose. The first two rounds were by and large feel out rounds. Once Stiverne got in a rhythm, he started to take control. Now, Arreola's camp states the broken nose changed the way he fought. Yes, I definitely can see that. But Stiverne found a way to land that big right hand and started to take control prior to the nose being broken.

Arreola will fight his heart out and this will be an entertaining fight. In the end, I see Stiverne's hand raised in victory.

brownsugar says:

Win or lose… Keep the weight off brother.

The Commish says:

The weigh-in is around five hours away as I write this at a little past 10:00am (ET). I am looking forward to seeing what each guy weighs. I know many of you don't even bother payimg attention to weight when it comes to heavyweights. But I think the weight matters.

The closer to 230 Arreola is, the better shape he is in. If he comes in over 240 and tells us, “I wanted those extra pounds,” you know he hit the refrigerator more than he hit the heavy bag. The same for Stiverne, who walks around looking more like Tony Tubbs than he does Ken Norton. If Stiverne is over 250, that is not a good sign for him, especially if Arreola is under 240.

Let's see what happens in a few hours. That's when I will make my official pick.

-Randy G.