Christy Martin returns to try for 50th win.
Jan 22 2011 8:20 AM
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Christy Martin returns to try for 50th win.


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brownsugar says:

I learn more and more about womens boxing every time I read your Posts Pete,.. keep em comin'

Pete Egley Jr says:

Really enjoyed this interview. I saw a NY Times piece on Christy that covered a lot of back story, so it's not necessary for me to go into that. I believe it's Steve Farhood doing the interview, and like him it's good to see Christy looking so healthy. I had a previous response to the video that in hindsight fortunately did not make it through the moderator, and I'm totally fine with that. I attempted to cram too much into the thing, I know. I was also really caught up in another boxer's call out that is on TSS. I do hope you follow that particular story because if Christy gets past Dakota Stone, there are at least two more women's boxing super fights she could turn her attention to if she chose. I'm gonna go on record and say that going strictly by my admittedly casual fan's familiarity with her boxing career, Christy is someone that should not be underestimated. It's my opinion that as far as the mainstream, Christy likely remains among the most well-known names in boxing. Ali, Rijker, St. John. Holly Holm just maybe. But not [I]entirely[/I] unlike Muhammad Ali before her, Christy once again has the opportunity to attract the mainstream to boxing. And I totally dig the pink lemonade thing!