Classic Boxing Memory – A TBC Look Back at July 4th
Jul 02 2016 7:00 AM
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With July 4th right around the corner, TBC wanted to remember some of the great fights that happened on or around the July 4th holiday.

For this segment, we are joined by Kid Hersh as a special guest, and two all-time great fights are looked at in depth.

First, the July 5th, 1920 match between Benny Leonard and Charlie White is looked at Leonard, one of the all-time great lightweight champions.

Leonard had only recently captured the belt to start what became a seven year reign, and the fight with White, an international opponent from England, was another fight that contributed to Leonard’s early legacy.

The second fighter reviewed goes further back, to July 4th 1912 and it does stick to the lightweight division, as we look at lightweight titleholder Ad Wolgast’s classic title defense against Mexican Joe Rivers.

The fight ends in one of boxing’s most rare endings.

Not your ordinary Boxing Channel report, here we take a step back for a look at the history of the sport. Boxing at times struggles with an identity in modern sports, so let me give you one.

There is no single sport in history more extensively documented than boxing, from the bare knuckle days right through the middle of the last century. There is so much to be found and unearthed, and instead, more is forgotten every day.

In the last decade, Boxing has given the July 4th weekend up to the UFC as that fight group has held many of their biggest events in July. Is there a boxing promoter out there who is willing to take that challenge on – put the biggest boxing card of the year on the date of American Independence.

There does not appear to be a promoter out there right now who is willing to take the chance, Perhaps, with a greater sense of history, one will step up.

By the way, you can check out more of Kid Hersh’s work at his boxing dedicated site.

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