Cotto vs Trout: Experienced former champ vs Undefeated Champion
Nov 28 2012 11:16 PM
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Cotto vs Trout: Experienced Former Champ vs Undefeated Champion Cotto Favored

Miguel Cotto is about a 2-1 favorite in boxing odds for this fight against Trout. Cotto is the bigger name, has the better resume and he has the “hometown” advantage fighting at MSG. Cotto comes into the fight with a record of 37-3 with 30 knockouts. He is a future Hall of Famer but whether he still has the skill to dispatch of a talented fighter like Trout is somewhat in question. What is not in question is that Cotto is going to have a huge edge in terms of crowd support. And Cotto is also very confident in his ability and not worrying about Trout. “I don't think about Trout. I'm thinking about myself,” Cotto said, “I just put myself in the training camp, in the training sessions, and I'm ready. I'm ready for whatever he tries on Saturday night.”

Trout Unbeaten But Untested

How does a fighter go 27-0 and win a WBA title without being tested? The answer to that question is the state of boxing as there are simply not that many talented fighters. Trout did beat Rigoberto Alvarez to win the title so he gets some credit for that but taking on Cotto is a big step up. Trout is really known for his speed, his defense and his counterpunching. That style can work well at times but in this fight there is no question that Trout is going to have to do more to overcome what is a definite disadvantage in terms of crowd support. And yes, judges oftentimes do listen to the fans. Trout has said he is not worried about the judging. “Well I really can't spend too much energy to be worried about the judging or the officiating. All I have to worry about is what I have to execute inside that ring.” Trout said, “If we execute what I do in the ring and let it be up to God's hands, as long as I've done my best that's what I'm happy about it. If they “steal” it from me well that's between them and God. All is can focus on is what I can do and what I can take care of, and then that's my actions in the ring.”

Boxing Prediction

If this fight was at a neutral site then I would be tempted to take Trout to get the win but in New York it is hard to see Cotto losing.

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