“El Boxeo” by Alan Swyer, traces the history and origins of Latin fighters
Jun 03 2014 10:10 PM
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Throughout history, boxing has embraced wave after wave of newcomers. Irish boxers made their mark early, as did Italians, and even Jewish fighters. Despite the success of Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and Sugar Ray Robinson, it was only after Jackie Robinson broke baseball's “color line,” that there was a true surge of black talent in the ring.

These groups not merely enriched the sport, but also became a means of both acceptance and assimilation for their communities — all the while providing key streams of revenue for the sport itself.

Today, boxing is global, with contenders hailing from as far away as Eastern Europe, Britain, Germany, Africa, and Asia.

But most of all, today is the era of Latin fighters.

This film not only focuses on the boxers and the disparate lands — Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, etc. — from which they have arrived, but also on the economic and political factors that have made such an explosion of talent not merely possible, but indeed inevitable.

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