Final Presser- Maidana felt he should have won. Mayweather says he could have made the fight easier
May 04 2014 11:13 AM
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Floyd Mayweather beats Marcos Maidana in a majority decision win. Here are some of the quotes from each fighter during the press conference:

Marcos Maidana:
“It was a great fight, I did everything I could to win, but it wasn't enough for the judges, I tried to win the fight”

“Too much talking, all I want is for him to give me the rematch”

Floyd Mayweather:
” I thought I was the boxer and he was the WWE wrestler”

“Canelo hits harder than Maidana. I could have made the fight
easier but then it would have been boring”

“If Maidana would have won the fight, he wouldn't be talking about the gloves”

“This is a brutal sport, what about our health, when boxing is over? I'm here to protect the fighter” (about the gloves with little padding Maidana wanted to use)

“My dad gave me a brilliant game plan, but sometimes you are hard headed and sometimes what works in the outside don't work in the inside, sometimes you have to do things for your fans”

“I took my time to make the adjustments, if you want it again you can see it in September”

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El Dude says:

Boxing is a sport of Gentlemen and the outcome of the Floyd Mayweather fight vs Marcos Maidana was not civil for it was a barbarian act to pull. You could say that I am as mad as Maidana for I feel that I was also robbed from my PPV $ and I am disgusted with the self interest that spits in our face. I follow the sport of boxing like no other and I am fair and unbiased when it comes to my comments and I am telling it as it is. I reject the continuous support to the obvious thievery that has become the norm in the sport that I love. This is not a color thing nor political, this is the same case of the little man being screwed by the big corporations, greed 101. I feel sorry for those who don't seem to know the rules of and how the scoring is done in boxing. Maidana didn't need to KO Floyd to win, that's a fallacy. Boxing is scored round by round and the more significant punches out score the jabs. Clinching is a foul that is not permitted in boxing yet Floyd kept clinching for dear life. I saw Floyd land constant low blows as well as throwing his typical elbow and not once did he get warned but then again it has always been Floyd's home turf. BTW, isn't the champ the one who should be producing all the KOs instead of running around and clinching like a chicken…
by El Dude.