Floyd Mayweather: “Maidana tackled me and bit my fingers, he is a rugged dirty fighter”
Sep 14 2014 9:44 AM
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Floyd Mayweather showed his superiority in the ring over Marcos Maidana. The five-division world champion was decidedly more effective and efficient, landing 58 percent of his power punches compared to Maidana's 26 percent.

The 37-year-old also landed 43 percent of his jabs compared to 17 percent for Maidana and 51 percent of his total punches compared to Maidana's 22 percent.

Unlike their first meeting in May – a majority decision for the 11-time world champion – there was no controversy in the judges' decisions. Judge Guido Cavalleri had the fight 115-112 while Dave Moretti and John McKaie scored it 116-111.

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Radam G says:

Wow! A fairy-tail weaving master Lil' Floyd is. His finger got bit, let him tell it. But no bite marks. Just a blister. OMFG!

“Iron” Mike was an ear-biting man. But he had to spit out his mouthguard to do it.

Now Money May want us to believe that Chino is a finger-biting man. And he bit right through his mouthpiece and through Money May's glove to chow down on the million-dollar Mayweather fingers. WTF! And the Money fingers don't bleed. They just blister up. Yup! Right! It is a rich man thing.

Chino has wolf teeth or a Dracula grill or sumptin' [$¡¢]? Outta umpteen boring fights, come lies and alibis. YUP! Fleeting bytching Money May would have stopped Chino if not for the finger munching.

It snowing little Chino Dracula in Argentina. Holla!