Floyd Mayweather Sr. “It was a good performance,Floyd fought Maidana's fight tonight”
May 04 2014 7:57 AM
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Mayweather Jr. said during the press conference that his dad and trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. was giving him all the right advise, he just wasn't listening. Mayweather Sr. agrees and says his son fought Maidana's fight, he knows his son wanted to engage more to give fans an exciting match, but doesn't like him getting hit.

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The Commish says:

$$$May's tremendous conditioning and superior skills allowed him to fight Marcos Maidana's fight, fall behind early, then come roaring back to pull out the decision.

A rematch will probably have much of the same drama and excitement, except the result will be different: There will be no majority decision. $$$May will will a rematch unanimously.

-Randy G.

El Dude says:

I respect Mayweather SR for he is one awesome dude. SR makes the cameras go alive and his love for the sport is honorable. I cant wait to see the scuffle go down that's set to kick up dust between SR and Ghost Guerrero SR. The sport of Boxing is a sport of men and being that it is also a business, trash talking is part of the game. I have to much respect for the men who have paved the way for the rest to come through and I will not allow myself to differ with Mr Floyd SR.
by El Dude.

Radam G says:

At least Pops Joy May is honest. He clearly indicated that his seed is getting old and may not quite realize it yet. All the fanfaronades, fanboys and groupies ought to take note.

“My son got hit too much, and I didn't like that,” said PJM. Now all the Money May nuthuggers are might just to turn on PJM. I will not be surprised. Holla!

El che says:

Maidana ha sido el unico que ha enfrentado a este floyd con todo los hierros, claro esta que hizo una gran pelea, si hay una revancha es muy posible que derrote por nockao a mayweather por que tiene con que, mucha suerte maidana preparate bien para que tengas tu futura victoria, saludos de un venezolano .! Chein boyer .!

deepwater2 says:

I like the aggressiveness of that dude, Marcos M. He showed that dude ,Mayweather no respect at all and forced the fight. Floyd Sr is being honest but Floyd didn't want to fight that kind of fight ,he had to fight that kind of fight because of what that dude MM did. Floyd better think about hanging it up. No need to damage his head anymore when he has all those millions. Julio reached 87-0 so 50-0 is OK but not worth the brain damage. His body and health is more important so I can see why no fight against fighter of the decade, That Dude Manny P.