For Bermane Stiverne his title means Hope, Happiness and Inspiration for people of Haiti
May 11 2014 3:10 AM
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Bermane Stiverne defeated Chris Arreola with a sixth round TKO and became the new WBC Heavyweight Champion. Even though Stiverne didn't through a lot of punches and two of the judges actually had him down in the cards 48-47 at the time of the stoppage, was able to deliver a great finale to his fight against Chris Arreola.

Stiverne, who earned $225,000, made history by becoming the first Heavyweight Champion of Haitian descent.

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Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

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El Dude says:

Bermane Stiverne just broke the hearts of an entire nation who had their hopes in Chris the Warrior Arreola in becoming the first of the RAZA to be crowned as a HW champion. I have much respect for the trials and tribulations that our combatants exhibit when they plunder through their rivals with punches of thunder. The people have their head up high for all it means is tomorrow. America the Continent of America won as the overdue belt that Bermane wears around his waist had been flown all over the world a long-long time ago. I don't mind for all it means is that it will be El Dude like Rocky yelling out for Adrien but in my case it would be more like, “YO La Dude, I did It ! “…as I lift the title in the air…
El Dude, “The First Ever”.

Radam G says:

Congrats to B'Ware Stiverne. I just hope Da Don K won BS him outta too much of his B'Ware hard-earned purse.

I ain't hatin!' But y'all know that Da Don K is going to be takin' until his last ride to Boot Hill in a hearse.

Y'all know me! I'm down with O-P-P! And will always call a spade a spade. And never hide in the shade.

Fighters' purses, Da Don K will shave. Maybe even after he is in his grave. Holla!

oubobcat says:

There is talk about Stiverne possibly making an optional defense prior to either facing Wilder or Klitshcko. I think that would be a mistake. His career is hot at the moment and he needs to capitalize on his new found momentum now. No reason to take a low level defense that may not even make US tv and lose that momentum.

If I am Stiverne's people, I go right for the Wilder fight. I am starting negotiations today. Wilder has a glossy record but has fought nobody. Wilder wants this fight…Stiverne needs to seize the momentum and go after him. The payday will be nice and it will be a fight that makes airwaves on some network. A victory over Wilder that is seen by many would then put Stiverne in line for a major payday against Klitschko in a title unification fight probably somewhere in the US.

The Commish says:

Stiverne's title doesn't just mean Hope, Happiness and Inspiration for the people ofr Haiti.

It means the same thing for fans of heavyweight boxing.

-Randy G.