Freddie Roach: “Martinez is a great athlete, but not a great boxer, he won't last 4 rounds”
May 29 2014 12:59 AM
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Freddie Roach, Miguel Cotto's trainer, is happy with his fighter's preparation and confident of a win over Sergio Martinez on June 7.

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The Shadow says:

Hahaha, we should just take anything this guy says with a grain of salt…

Freddie knows how to sell a fight. Let's just leave it at that.

The Shadow says:

On a different note, I don't know if I like that Miguel Cotto is so light. He's only 157?! More than a week before the fight? He's a damn welterweight. He's not a Floyd or Rigo Ortiz who can do that type of thing and train/walk around under your weight limit.

But then again, maybe the weight won't matter. It's not like Martinez is a physical fighter anyway. But it does concern me a little that he's unable to keep on the pounds. I think he needs to go in there a solid 165.

Let's see what happens.

Radam G says:

I'm riding double shotgun with TNT Freddie “Always Ready” to coach Roach. SerMart is doomed in five. And that is no jive. He's going to thinks that M-Co released a thousand and one deadly-killer bees from a Rican salsa beehive. Holla!

oubobcat says:

Roach knows that Martinez is a great athlete. Roach is also a very smart boxing guy and knows that Martinez is a skilled fighter. He is just trying to play some mind games.

The Commish says:

Exactly, o-cat. Roach knows how to train fighters and he knows how to play the great promotional game. Saying Martinez “will not last four rounds” is quite a bold statement.

Are you guys finding the “ballots” on this fight split between the champ & challenger? I am. My feeling, other than as to who wins, is this: An early knockout seems to favor Miguel Cotto, while a long, two-sided,leather-eating affair seems to favor the reigning champion.

Don't ya' just love the action boxing is bringing to the table? Froch-Groves today & even more…Martinez v Cotto next week.

-Randy G.

Skibbz says:

It's been a great few days of boxing indeed Commissioner. I'm backing the champ in this one. Side A or not, he will use his experience and physical attributes to thud shots into Miguel's face and abdomen. Cotto's face will be a bloody mess before the final bell and Maravila will claim a very satisfying victory.

Cotto has options after this fight though, he will take Canelo up on his offer and lose again.

amayseng says:

I have picked SM from the get go.

However, if SM tries to come out with his hands down like a fool (or an old RJJ, we all saw how that ended)
then I can clearly see Cotto stopping him.

If SM understands time and age and how adjustments must be made( see hopkins, floyd) then SM should have a field day land lefts off of Cottos' bald dome.

What SM will we get?