Freddie Roach says Chris Algieri reminds him of Oscar De La Hoya a little
Sep 13 2014 5:47 PM
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Manny Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach will have Manny focused in cutting the ring off and taking away Chris Algieri's jab. Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri takes place November 22 at Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, China.

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the Roast says:

Oscar had that left hook that could end the fight at any time. Especially crushing at 130-147. Chris has not shown any type of weapon like that. Algieri doesn't remind me of Oscar at all.

stormcentre says:

Has Algeri been coked up in women's clothing and fish net stockings and/or the subject of any 911 calls for amorous mercy; lately?

If not, doesn't remind me of Oscar.

oubobcat says:

Oscar has incredible hand speed and as Roach pointed out a left hook that could change the course of a fight. Algieiri has more nimble feet than Oscar but nowhere near the hand speed or power.

This is a case Freddie Roach trying the sell the fight early on in the promotion. I am sure Pac's people encouraged him a little to try to build Algieiri up some.