Gennady Golovkin says usually after the first round he can tell if his opponent is on his level
Sep 13 2014 5:47 PM
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Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and Marco Antonio Rubio will step into the ring on October 18 at the StubHub Center in Carson, Califorina.

Sporting a record of 30-0-0 with 27 knockouts, the highest knockout ratio (90%) of any active world champion, Golovkin has become a must-see international attraction with his aggressive all-action style and breathtaking knockouts.

GOLOVKIN vs. RUBIO championship battle will headline “MEXICAN STYLE”, a world class evening of entertainment at the West Coast?s premier outdoor venue for boxing and will be televised Live on HBO World Championship Boxing® beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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The Commish says:

GGG has convinced many of us that he belongs in the Pound-for-Pound Ratings. However, he hasn't convinced us all.

In compiling TSS' monthly PxP Ratings, it's interesting to see where all of the voters place certain fighters on their list.

Wladimir Klitschko was rated as high as #2 on one list, and as low as #10 on a few other lists.

Guillermo Rigondeaux was rated as high as #2 on a few lists and as low as #10 on a few others.

Vasyl Lomachenko (V-Lo) was rated as high as #3 on one list, but just fell outside of the Top 10.

Then there's Gennady Golovkin. GGG. Fans are all over the place in their opinion of him. In the balloting, he received two first place votes. On both of those ballots, Floyd Mayweather was placed second, while Andre Ward was third. Amazingly, frive ballots omitted him from a Top 10 vote. Overall, he finished 5th, behind Mayweather, Ward, Pacquiao and Rigondeaux.

Obviously, some of us are so impressed with the dominance of GGG that he is given a #1 rating. Just as obviously, others are so unimpressed that they don't rate him at all.

To me, GGG is more than a brutal knockout artist. He is a complete fighter. He can box, I believe, with the best. Boxing is not just quickness of feet–which GGG does not have in abundance. It is balance, which he has in abundance. It is shifting your weight, which he does so well. It is cutting off the ring, taking your opponent out of his game plan. Few, if any, do it better. There is defense. Hit and not be hit. It's a incredible skill. Make an opponent miss, then make him pay. Again, few do it better.

Watch GGG in the first round. Watch him. He uses those first three minutes to size his opponent up. His offense. His defense. How he moves. How he reacts to a feint. Does he pull straight back? How he sets to throw a punch. Where he keeps his hands. Which part of his body is more exposed? Does he bend at the knees to slip shots or does he move his upper body? Watch him catch/parry shots with his right hand. He is analyzing his opponent's speed and power.

By Round 2, the computer-like mind of GGG has already figured out his opponent. It is time to strike. He goes to work. He mixes up his punches well. He feints to the head and rips a body shot. Then, he reverses it. He feints downstairs and fires a shot upstairs.

His opponent has tasted the freakish GGG power. They have sparred with bigger men before, but none ever punched this hard. Their game plan changes. They are already in survival mode, yet they have hardly been roughed up.

They shift into reverse gear. They are now the prey. They are now the hunted. GGG patiently stalks them. He knows it is just a matter of time before he breaks them down and adds another stoppage win to his record.

The pressure increases, and so does GGG's work rate. He is sharpshooter accurate. When he aims for the body, he lands. When he aims for the head, he hits the target.

In close, GGG can hear the breathing of his opponent. He is taking deep, frequent breaths. He is hurt. He is worried. He is in trouble. If he didn't realize it before the fight, he realizes it now. That baby-faced guy who smiled at him at the press conference, that guy he told everybody he was going to take the title from is more machine than human.

The challenger is rocked by a body-head combination. He backs to the ropes and covers up. Even if the fight does not end here, in effect, it DOES end here. Nobody works an opponent on the ropes better than GGG. There are no wasted shots. Even punches which don't land on the head or body, have intended targets. The shoulders. The biceps.

Watch GGG shift his weight with cat-like quickness. As the opponent covers up, GGG steps quickly to his left. He fires a right to the head, making his opponent cover up. Then, as the chasllenger raises his arms to cover, GGG drives a left hook to the liver. He turns perfectly on his left foot as he delivers the shot.

zDown goes the challenger, pain rifling through his body. It's over.

It was actually over after the first three minutes. GGG saw what he had to see in Round 1, computed and analyzed the info, then went to work. It was just another day at the office.

That's why it blows my mind that several balloters omitted GGG entirely from the Top 10. Not even a 10th place vote. I give all of us credit on this site for knowing this sport inside ansd out. But not to place GGG anywhere in the Top 10?

When you watch GGG against Marco Antonio Rubio, carefully watch the first round. Watch the brilliance of GGG. AFter you do, I'm sure you'll see, not just a Top-10 Pound-for-Pound fighter, but one of the top five on this planet!

-Randy G.

The Shadow says:

One round? Why so long?

Tom Loeffler: “Gennady, you have a fight. Here's your date.”

GGG: “Against who? Floyd? Dirrell? Andre Ward? They good fighters.”

Tom: “Against (insert second-tier middleweight).”

GGG: “I want big fight, good fight. Box.”

Tom: “They're afraid of you, Gennady. This guy you're facing is brave, he stepped up!”

Tom covers phone, yells to assistant: “Tell J. Prince to lose my f****** number!!! Can we get Arum on the line again?!”

Tom to GGG: “Yes, Gennady, they're afraid of you. All of them. This guy is good, he gave Chavez a good fight!”

GGG: “OK, I do it.”

He has this conversation four times a year.

He's had like 12 defenses against no-hopers and fringe contenders.

By now, he should know that he's superior by virtue of the announcement.