Golovkin beats Rubio, Walters defeats Donaire, post fight press conference
Oct 19 2014 5:50 AM
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Gennady Golovkin and Nicholas Walters addressed the media after their respective KO wins over Marco Antonio Rubio and Nonito Donaire.

Both fighters showed not just their boxing skills but also class as they showed respectful towards their opponents.

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The Commish says:

I find it so refreshing to listen to guys like GGG and Nicholas Walters. Confident but humble, challenging but professional.

No classless degradation of their vanquished opponents or cocky boasting about what is going to happen to other challengers who dare step in the ring against them.

No brushing the hair, no female entourage members to deal with, no praising advisers first and everyone else second. The card was exciting to watch, even with the out-of-shape, unprepared Rubio splashing around like a fish out of water after being knocked down.

Whoever and wherever GGG fights next is okay with me. Same with Walters. Hopefully, because of the ease of each guy's victory, they can get back in the ring within the next four months. Supposedly, opponents are being talked about for each guy within that time frame.

These are the kind of champions who make us proud to be boxing fans and boxing journalists.

Congratulations to both of them. Also to Nonito Donaire, who handled his defeat with a professionalism and class rarely seen in any sport.

-Randy G.