Golovkin vs. Geale – HBO Boxing Highlights
Jul 27 2014 12:00 AM
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Watch highlights from Golovkin vs. Geale.

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flackoguapo says:

Geale tried to fight fire with fire and got burned. He knew Golovkin would eventual catch him if he got on his bike so he tried to go in there and hurt GGG early to the body and up-top. Took Golovkin about half a round to figure it out or get comfortable and get his shots off. This was confirmed by his corner in between rounds 1&2 who told him that “Geale was staying in the pocket” and to let his hands go aggressively to the shoulders and body. GGG puts himself in good positions with well timed and smooth, thought-out footwork, and makes the most of them with p4p, real deal power. GGG's feet aren't the fastest but his tactical placement and timing make up for it. Geale fought an honest fight and now it's back to the drawing board with him. I think that Geale knew he was in for a tough fight and chose to fight and get a lil lucky rather then eventually get trapped by Golovkin at some point in the fight. I remember thinking before the fight, “GGG needs to do something that's eye-defying or just looks special” and taking that flush shot and landing his without a flinch all in the same motion for the KO was extra impressive. I hope GGG fights more guys as skilled or rated as Geale. I saw GGG shift into a gear I hadn't seen before. And I think it was due to the bigger stage and higher level competetion.