HBO Boxing: Sergio Martinez Greatest Hits
May 16 2014 12:00 AM
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Take an up-close look at the knockout career of middleweight champion Sergio Martinez. Cotto vs. Martinez happens Sat., June 7 live on pay-per-view beginning at 9pm ET/6pm PT

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oubobcat says:

The first fight with Paul Williams was something else and has kind of gotten forgotten about over the years. It was an all out war that included each man tasting the canvas in the first round and the two engaging in memorable exchanges throughout the entire fight.

Also forgotten, at that time nobody wanted to face Paul Williams. Sergio Martinez stepped up to the the challenge at the end of 2009 (if I remember right, it was after a Kelly Pavlik fight fell apart for Williams). And after Martinez won the Middleweight Title four months later, once again stepped up and accepted a rematch with Williams for his first defense. These were very risky moves by Martinez and his management but the risk certainly paid off in the end.

El Dude says:

Ask Sergio Martinez the WBC Middleweight King of Boxing why people tune in to see Hockey, why the Baseball fans cheer the loudest when the benches clear and why Boxing is the Greatest Sport in the whole wide World. You want to see a real fight, study Sergio Martinez because this is not Dancing with the Stars, this “Pain and Endurance with the Comets from above”. Crazy like a case of 51-50, the Marvelous and insane record of 55 fights with 51 wins and only 2-badluck defeats with the sweat taste of revenge and one all out war of a draw in a well worthy brawl. The best thing for us Boxing aficionados who quench the thirst for blood in the ring will get a double shot served by Sergio Martinez and Miguel “The Monster” Cotto. This fight between Cotto and Sergio has fight of the year written all over the bloody media. Busted lips, cracked ribs, black eyes or in other words this fight is going to kickbut. I am a huge fan of both these boxing monsters regardless of who wins but one thing is for sure I am already asking for the rematch.
by El Dude.