Henry Ramirez says unlike the first time around, Arreola is at 100% for fight against Stiverne
May 07 2014 4:29 PM
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Chris Arreola's trainer Henry Ramirez says his fighter had a pathetic preparation the first time he fought Bermane Stiverne, but this time around Chris is ready to deliver a war and win the WBC Heavyweight Belt.

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El Dude says:

I title this fight the revenge of the Clashing Titans. The winner between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne has a lot in stake being that the winner may get to face the # 1 Heavy-Weight Monster of the ring. I see Arreola getting his turn to face the wrath of Klitschko but realistically that's as good as I see it getting for either Bermane or Arreola besides getting TKOd. The first tank battle went all the way with blood and sweat while the commands to reinforcement are on its way. I am much interested in this fight for I see it ending with a Nuclear KO of a night. Like Snake Plissken once said, “Escape From LA”. The only ones to escape from this war are the fans who are going to get their money'$ worth. It is “The Revenge of The Clashing Titans”, Chris Arreola vs his # 1 Foe Stiverne. You can hear the call for war, its right around the corner of ESPN and the Galen Center 10pm time, don't go draft dodging, be there or be ware. He who laughs last, laughs the loudest is what some say but in this case its he who hits harder wins the war. El Dude saluting both Generals. El Dude is ready for next, Stiverne just pissed me the heck off by talking all that smack about the media. I am a Freelance Boxing Writer but the only difference with El dude is that I will get in the ring with you and go and write about it at the end. Respect the game and respect the fans as well as the media who spread the word across. El Dude vs Bermane Stiverne, The Talk the Talk vs The Walk the Walk, what's up. Someone tell Bermane that if he wins, loses or draws vs Arreola El Dude will be waiting.
by El Dude.