Hey Harold!: Juan Manuel Marquez
May 14 2014 12:00 AM
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HBO Boxing unofficial scorer Harold Lederman discusses Juan Manuel Marquez's motivation for this fight. Marquez vs. Alvarado happens Sat., May 17 at 10:15pm ET/PT on HBO.

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El Dude says:

Juan Manuel Marquez is from the people, who fought for the people and to the hard working people of the World, JMM gave us our moneys worth with his spectacular Boxing Legacy. JMM has always answered the call to fight the best because he comprehends how so much is asked from us fans who we keep calling out for the best to fight the best and that's exactly what JMM is, simply the Best. No one will ever forget the Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez grudge matches, all fights were very close and ended up in controversy. JMM also did lose fair and square to Tim Bradley but it was close enough for Team Marquez and his the fans who feel confident in winning a rematch. JMM is a true gentleman in and out of the ring and has always presented himself as a humble warrior unlike the youngish. JMM is at the point of retiring and a rematch with Timothy Bradley is no easy way out yet I respect JMM for seeking vengeance with confidence.
by El Dude.